FL Smithe PHP III-rebuild and upgraded

upgraded with new electronics

FL Smithe PHP III Fully computerized with new electronics
The machine was fully rebuilt and upgraded in 2007 with the following improvements and upgrdaes
    • A. Standard features:

       A.1. Electrically:

      a.1.1. Machine will be completely stripped for all electrical or electronic components

      a.1.2. Completely rewired with new electrical cabinet and all new servo motors and drives. New servo system is much faster and more precise than original

      a.1.3. Electrical control cabinet to be located on the front of the machine.

      a.1.4. PLC Control unit with digital touch-screen.

      a.1.5. Voltage 480v/ 3 phase / 60 Hz


      A.2. Mechanically:

             a.2.1. Air operated ejector pad instead of the original oil ejector to prevent oil leaking on the cutting table.


      a.2.2 Pneumatic clamps provide the same strength as hydraulic by means of installed air booster

      a.2.3. Replace single cup pistons with improved double cup pistons. 

      a.2.4. Entire valve package rebuilt

      a.2.5. All new seals and o-rings

      a.2.6. New accumulator

      a.2.7. New high output oil cooler

      a.2.8. Angle box completely rebuilt including new ejector piston

      a.2.9. New 20 gpm hydraulic pump with 20 hp motor

      a.2.10 Control of oil temperature and displaying current value on the screen

      a.2.11 Control of oil level, machine will shut off and warning message will be displayed if the oil level is too low 

      B. Other Features:

      b.1. New operating interface, extremely user friendly and easy to understand and use (See attached pictures) 

      b.2. Control Touch Screen to be pedestal mounted and located behind the typical work station.

      b.3. Joystick for positioning the die and the table has a save button – no need to get back to the screen to save the position

                    b.4. Pneumatic pivoting  clamps with the ability to be released independently during the cutting cycle plus the ability to add 3 additional clamps.

      .5. Easy setup of the home position after maintenance by means of a button on the control panel

      b.7. Real 360º light curtain protection that will not interfere with operator’s transfer to stripping station or cardboard supply station. Restriction: operator should be out of the loading section when machine operates in auto mode.

      b.8. The machine will be capable of cutting litho stock with excellent registration

      b.9. Improved die safety valve, that stops head immediately.

      b.10 Adjusters account has more options in controlling and setting the machine then operators account

      b.11 Easily save hundreds of recepies and transfer them from one press to the other using a regular USB flash drive